Janet Salazar

Ever feel the Bible is…

  • Hard to understand?
  • Boring?
  • Irrelevant?
  • The God revealed is not the same today?

You are not alone. Join me in my quest to:

  • Understand it.
  • Make it relevant.
  • Make it personal.
  • Live the stories. Find the drama and the beauty.
  • And, most importantly, meet the God revealed in its pages.

Now that you are here, stay awhile with me and gain new insights, pick up some spiritual tools, or take a moment to let your imagination enter a story and be inspired to seek the Lord in new ways.

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Compass showing Faith as true north

John 4:43-54 – The Royal Official’s Son Healed

Miracles Aren't the Foundation of Faith

Do you waver between faith and doubt? Do you wish God would perform a miracle to solidify your faith? So did Ariel. But Jesus challenged him to build a better foundation.

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Partial view of Knight's Sword and shield exemplifying the sword of the Spirit

Wielding the Sword of the Spirit Effectively

In the Battle to Accept God's Unconditional Love

Utilizing the sword of the Spirit effectively doesn’t come naturally. We need instruction and practice to successfully demolish the lies.

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Unconditional Love

God’s Unconditional Love Transforms

The Battle is Accepting It

The Samaritan woman invited the people of Sychar to meet Jesus with the strangest invitation ever. Why would she do that?

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Woman at the well bring harvest

John 4:28-42 – The First Female Evangelist

Reaping the Harvest

When Jesus’ love set her free, the Samaritan woman wasted no time in sharing with others the gift she received.

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Woman at the water well

John 4:3-28: The Woman at the Well

Planting a Seed of Love

Jesus made a special trip to plant the seed of His love in the fertile soil of a despised and rejected Samaritan woman.

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