Janet Salazar

Ever feel the Bible is…

  • Hard to understand?
  • Boring?
  • Irrelevant?
  • The God revealed is not the same today?

You are not alone. Join me in my quest to:

  • Understand it.
  • Make it relevant.
  • Make it personal.
  • Live the stories. Find the drama and the beauty.
  • And, most importantly, meet the God revealed in its pages.

Now that you are here, stay awhile with me and gain new insights, pick up some spiritual tools, or take a moment to let your imagination enter a story and be inspired to seek the Lord in new ways.

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man desperate for water in the desert

Creating a Hunger and Thirst for God

Does your soul thirst for Him?

Does your mental diet interfere with your appetite for God? Mine was.

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Jesus beckoning to to follow Him

John 1:35-50 in Story Form

Jesus' First Disciples

Two of John the Baptist’s disciples seek time alone with Jesus and friendship evangelism is born.

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Bible open to the Gospel of John

John 1:1-34 In Story Form

John the Revelator and John the Baptist Identify Jesus

Do you wish the Bible read more like a story instead of being so impersonal and concise? Me too. So I created this first paraphrase in story form.

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distracted by cell phone

My Cell Phone is Stealing My Devotional Time

A Subtle But Effective Spiritual Thief

Have you ever “quickly” checked an app only to get lost in the feed and run out of time for your morning devotional? Me too.

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