From the moment I learned to write,
it became an obsession.

I kept a journal, created stories, wrote speeches, essays and church plays. When I was in school, I often entered story or speech writing contests and I usually placed in the top four. In college, I had one professor tell me that she wanted an autographed copy of my first book.

Now that my children are on their own, I am returning to my passion and maybe one day soon, I will be able to send my professor an autographed copy of my first book (which I am seeking to get published). It is a collection of biblical fiction stories about the main characters in the nativity, divided into three sections by geography:

  • Bethlehem
  • Jerusalem
  • The Far East (the magi)

Each section has an introduction to set the stage and the devotional theme, three or four short stories, and a devotional conclusion with an invitation for personal application at the end.

Stay tuned for more information as the journey to publication unfolds.

Recently Published Material

Magazine Articles

“Simon the Pharisee and Me,” published by Adventist Review in 2014.

Audio Scripts

Half-hour audio scripts recorded and aired by Your Story Hour:

  • A Stalled Truck and the Lost Goggles (Published 2018)
  • Two Angels and a Fishing Boat (Published 2020)