Nicodemus night visit

John 3:1-21 In Story Form

Nicodemus’ Clandestine Visit

Nicodemus was a highly respected teacher, a Pharisee, and a Jewish ruler. That’s why Jesus’ first words to him were so shocking.

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John 2:13-25 in Story Form

The Cleansing of the Temple

Jesus’ smile disappeared as the sounds grew louder… the sounds of a market, not a sanctuary. What He did next shocked everyone.

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World Record Setters

A Spiritual Challenge

World record setters are willing to step out of their comfort zone and work to achieve their goals. Is there a spiritual correlation?

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winepress with rich red juice pouring out

John 2:1-12 in Story Form

A Wedding Feast to Remember

Mary, near panic, fears this wedding feast will not only ruin the family’s reputation but be remembered for decades as the driest.

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